Billy Butcher and the Stoics

For those who have shown an extended interest in these ‘tinternet scriblings, will be aware that I have been dabbling in the ideas of Stoicism for a few months. Therefore I shall not bother to regale you with the wit and wisdom of this ancient philosophy at this point.

However, this week is Stoic Week and to support my efforts to ‘live like a stoic’ for a week, I shall be aiming to write a short post daily as to my findings and experiences which I hope might inspire others to find out more.

The broad structure of each day is relatively straight forward;

Morning Meditation – Spending a short time before I start work considering my day ahead and any challenges that I might face and to reflect on how I might approach these in line with the virtues of Stoicism.

The Stoic Virtues are :

• Wisdom – using good reasoning and judgement and deciding which virtue to
• Courage – doing what is right even if it is difficult
• Justice and kindness – excellence in your relationship with others
• Moderation and self-control – ability to deal well with desires and emotions

Mid-Day Meditation – Reflecting on aspects of my day where I have been able to follow these virtues and any challenges which I have encountered, which have led to me falling back into bad habits.

Evening Meditation – Is an opportunity to reflect on my day and take note of my success or failure in relation to the key virtues.

At this point in time it is difficult to detail each and every point of success and failure in this blog, if only for it revealing my life as being less full of flapjack and hookers as I would like. (That said, I do have plenty of flapjack)

However I shall aim to reveal more of the workings here in OT Strange Towers as the week progresses.

In the mean time I shall summarise my overall objective by quoting the great Billy Butcher from The Boys, “Quit being a Cunt.”


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