Time to Ruck or Cuck

I was but a wee young whipper snapper during the poll tax riots back in the day, or possibly ‘Caked and bombed’ on a bag of Shatners Bassoon or Joss Acklands Spunky Back Pack.

The British have never been terribly good at riots, at least in comparison to our Gaelic friends across the channel. The french really know how to put on a proper good ruck, decapitated regal entities, cities brought to a standstill, the whole works.

I am writing this piece whilst the Drunken Polar Bear that is the UK prime minister is threatening action against the Mancunian blockade against a Tier 3 Covid lockdown without additional financial support.

There have already been thinly veiled threats of ‘bringing in the army’ to ‘support’ local lock-downs.

The Army being deployed to British Cities will no doubt come a great relief for the British Army as they haven’t had a decent opportunity to shoot and kill innocent civilians since pulling out of Northern Ireland.

And now the Government are close to passing the law that will allow government agents to act illegally with impunity is another happy coincidence no doubt.

Social media is full of angry keyboard warriors, V for Vendatta quotes or revolutionary memes, however they are most likely to get distracted by Thots on Twitch or trip over their neck beards to actually do anything.

So it falls to the only militia that we really have in this country, Football Hooligans and/or Chav’s.

This elite fighting unit are happy to stand toe to toe with anyone and even punch a politicised horse.

They are this countries only hope for freedom, unless of course they are being dragged around Primark by their overweight spouses.

Tally Ho!


Internet personality who writes sometimes