Through The Teapot and Up the Castle

This post has been peculating in my head for awhile and I suspect it will either sink like my usual jetsam or stir up a bit of a stinker. Either way I figured I would add my two cents, to the overflowing spittoon of commentaries in recent media around the QAnon conspiracy.

As a natural born hipster, I was of course interested in Qanon before it was ‘cool’.

And despite my initial scepticism, I found myself falling deep into a dark crevasse steeped in encrypted emails, numerology, bibliology and the attempt to unravel the clues held in each cryptic drop of ‘intel’ from the mysterious Q.

I was introduced to Qanon via a friend who I had known (via the internet) for a decade or more and was someone who I had long respected and admired. He had written a number of books on Chinese history and martial art systems, which I had found extremely helpful in my more bleaker times.

Whilst we never met face to face, we kept in contact via the usual internet channels of Facebook, the Twitter machine etc. And over time he became someone who I regarded as a trusted friend and ally. I should add that although this should not be read as an excuse, moreover mitigation for what is to come.

The initial discussion happened quite casually, we shared a keen interest in the idea that there was something else beyond the usual perception of folk, so would often discuss all things ‘deep and meaningful’. Whether that be on a spiritual level or within the hidden hands working the machine of modern life in which we inhabit.

I grew up obsessed with the conspiracy theories, starting from assassination of President John F Kennedy, to the point of even taking it up as an element of my university studies, and the idea researching or helping unveil a ‘real living conspiracy investigation’, was quite frankly, intoxicating.

Especially as someone who believed that the killing of JFK had been an ‘inside job’, reading that ‘Q’ was his son and leading the charge of revenge against those who had been responsible for his fathers death (The Deep-state/The Cabal).

It was like all my conspiracy Christmas’s came at once.

The fact that JFK junior had been killed in a plane crash was easily explained away, there were pictures of someone who looked just like him at sporting events and he had a close relationship with Donald Trump, it was all part of the grand plan. Donald Trump wasn’t expected to win the presidential election, but he had – so these were all ‘evidence’ of the ‘Awakening’.

By the time that I had become obsessed with Qanon, it had already been banned from 4Chan, so we would head over to 8Chan to obtain the latest ‘intel’ drops from the mysterious Q. We would spend the following days trying to decode what ‘Q meant’ by the vague and often very brief drops.

What was the significance of John 3:17? Why did Trump miss spell a tweet – not because he is retarded – but it in fact a secret message to those working against ‘the cabal’.

Events in the news that were cover-ups for ‘Q Ops’, again working against the cabal. And just like staring too long a bad Television signal, after a while your mind starts to make connections and a picture will emerge.

As time and events moved on I drifted away from the Qanon conspiracy, in addition my friend who had introduced me to this world sadly died.

Whilst initially suspicious of his sudden and unexpected death, I have come to believe that he either picked a fight with the wrong guy or faked his own death – he was that type of person.

Three years later I find myself reading reports of Donald Trump seemingly championing the cause of Qanon and that what was once an underground movement known by the few. Recently I have seen there are articles almost daily, even in the U.K which during my involvement felt very remote from ‘The Awakening’.

For me Qanon was like a real action text based computer game, looking for clues, solving puzzles with the potential reward of unlocking the secrets to the next level.

My friend once said that he hoped that all our efforts would not simply be ‘hope porn’, a futile endeavour leading to a dead end of disappointment.

Now I see more and more people being drawn into this way of conspiratorial thinking, to a point where it is no longer outlandish or strange.

It could be argued that where humanity cannot see the answers to solve their feelings of unhappiness, there is a tendency to cling to faith or a belief that somehow things have to get better.

Perhaps the modern world is so dreadful, that is is far preferable for folk to cling to the belief of a hidden cabal of monstrous satanists, seeking to enslave humanity whilst raping and murdering our children than accept the grim reality.

A reality that the monsters are in plain sight, standing before us with a handsome face or a pretty smile selling us dreams of a ‘happiness’ which is always somehow just out of reach.

The modern world is a machine whose lifeblood is money, something that has arguably become one of the most deadly inventions that humanity ever created.

In a world where money moves by trillions in the blink of an eye, where debt accumulates faster than one can take a breath, in a world where a single individual can destroy a countries economy.

It is perhaps no wonder that the fairy tales and vile mythologies of old come back to haunt us once again.


Internet personality who writes sometimes