Don’t Drill The Wight

It is a little known fact that in the, the Isle of Wight has functioned an internment camp for young people for generations.

With the iron fist regime of 1940’s conservatism reigning, it was deemed appropriate to plant ‘microchips’ into all new born children.

This implant would lie dormant until the age the child reached the age of 18, whereby it would ‘activate’ and prevent the individual from ever leaving the islands Sandy shores.

Thankfully, I managed to escape before the implant, fully integrated into my psyche (despite the haunting sirens call for me to return)

Some were not so lucky.

However, this post is in relation to another cautionary tale of local ‘government’

Owing to the unique geological environment on the Isle of Wight, it has long been posited that there be ‘black gold in them thar hills’

Previously too expensive to extract…

But thanks to the modern wonders of ‘fracking’, this has become far more ‘cost’ effective.

The Isle of Wight Council has set up a ‘consultation’ on its website (almost impossible to find though), which I am sure is a mere administrative error and nothing shady AT ALL.

Thankfully the folks at

Have done all of the leg work for you.

Consultation ends July 24th 2020, so the clock is ticking.


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