My Favourite Code Snippets from 1998/2001

Number bases are a lot more entertaining than many people might imagine, Octal is one of my favourites, however when it comes to the expression of colour who does not like a good strong #c30e5c on their walls.

Spoiler Alert, this isn’t a tech blog…

Sorry for using my nerdy pals as a human shield here, but I like to ensure that only the attentive reader is still with us, as this shit ain’t as easy to write as it looks.

In addition this is a post for me, so most probably the less folk that read it the better.

It’s been a long time coming but I have been ragging the fuck out of one gear in the last 20 odd years, occasionally slipping into a 2nd gear when I could be freewheeling down hill.

In the process my other gears have had to sit and fucking watch whilst I seek validation for behaviours, which I never exhibit.

One major reboot later and I feel a little lost.

However some things that I know remain true, I am fiercely loyal for people and ideals I believe in and fiercely independent to the point of my own detriment.

These fundamentals have perhaps (I hope) been glimpsed (albeit in some Quasimodo form [can we still say that?])in my many online personas over the years.

I also really do not give a fuck about what folk think of me, for the most part anyway, but in first gear terms this means HIT IT, HIT IT HARD, HIT IT AGAIN, IS IT DEAD? WHO CARES HIT IT AGAIN!!!

There will always be some fucker who needs putting on their back, but not everyone and sometimes it also isn’t always gonna be my fight to have.

As I find myself looking towards ANY other approach, I have found myself enjoying shit that I have literally turned, my already pointy nose up at.

Exhibit A : Mrs OT Strange’s Egg sandwiches are literally the greatest thing inside two slices of toast.

Exhibit B : Ru Paul’s Drag Race is a fanfuckingtastic TV show and I am quite literally watching nothing else right now.

Two joys that I have stopped myself from enjoying, because of my own ego and bullshit masculine posturing.

25 years ago I would shop in the men’s department and the women’s department store and didn’t give a fuck about what folk thought – because any freedom from the norm gives me great joy.

This isn’t a coming out post btw, at least not in the traditional sense.

But if I will buy and wear whatever the fuck I want. and to be honest women’s clothes are a lot more interesting and FUN to buy.

I think Eddie Izzard once said, no these are not women’s clothes, they are mine.

There, I said it.



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