Firstly, as my bio states that I ‘sometimes write a bit’, I was unaware that this is in fact a contractual obligation to my ‘sponsors’, “IsThisWhatYouBought.com”.

Apparently they are known as Google these days, who knew?

As the long haired pretentious drunkard, Jim Morrison, once said, “Weird Scenes inside the gold mine.”

Yeah, I know right.

[Non Regular readers may begin…..


Despite the internet, simply being a transport layer for noughts and ones, feeding into an algorithm which is then used to manipulate you as a ‘consumer’ into spending money that you might not have.

We are told that it is a manifestation of freedom and expression.


Equally it is apparently a tool for focusing and expressing perspectives which are marginalised at every opportunity.

If this was the initial intent or even the ‘culture’ of the digital space, then I think we have moved beyond any such expectations.

The horrific scenes in the US, sorry – I’ll narrow it down a bit…

George Floyd being killed with utter contempt, whilst depressingly not unusual, has ‘unified’ people against a common ’cause’.

I am 46, have I have heard the same bullshit every time.

It’ll be Capuulachachino Special day in Starbucks soon!

If you want to make a difference, get off the ‘internet’ and open your eyes as to what is happening in your own neighbourhood and what YOU are doing to change that, otherwise your opinion means jack shit.

So shut the fuck up.

Or don’t…

Just pipe down if you take the Starbucks Pill.



Internet personality who writes sometimes