Bohemian Clunge


As regular readers will recall, at an earlier point in my life I was possessed by one or possibly two demonic entities – this as led to a proclivity towards living much of my life in the unconscious mind and an allergy to nuts.

Whilst I do not proclaim to be an expert on dream analysis, I have read a fair bit and dreamt at least as much as you – there I said it. I would like to add to my list of ‘airy fairy bollocks’ qualifications, I used to read palms for free drinks and other ‘off the menu’ items from Hippy chicks in the 90’s.

Learn to play ‘Run Away Train’ by Soultrain and you were literally swamped in bohemian clunge. [Note to potential time travellers]

Being a faux hippy in the 90’s was awesome, if you looked up a picture of ’90’s douche’ then I would be about two thirds down on the first page – probably. When I look back at the poor female souls who I encountered back in the day, I can only feel sorry for them that they ever crossed my path. Still, they live and learn…mostly…I think…

Any hoot.

I have been having quite a vivid dream where I am viewing as a third person, yet I am both characters. We are in a fast moving old U.S car, Batman is driving and the Joker and I are being rolled around in the back behind bars.

Just realised maybe I am with the Joker? In which case that pulls the rug on my initial theory that Batman was my ego wrestling against the ever unconscious desire to return to the ways of the Trickster.

Summary for super lazy assed readers : As the CBT journey continues this shit still ain’t getting easier.


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