Tizwas vs Swapshop? (aka Benny From Crossroads Bathwater?)

Saturday morning with Minioutatownstrange today was spent eating jellybeans, playing plants vs zombies battle for neighborville and carrying out bogey transplants.

I was reminded of how I would spend my Saturday mornings. Back in the day there were two offerings, or three if you were religious or autistic. The BBC has Swap Shop with Noel Edmonds, before the crinkly bottom. Or the still drunken ‘uncle’, who you saw wrestling your Mum, Chris Tarrant.

In my house ITV was considered to be ‘the light channel’, never more so on a Saturday morning when Tizwas was on the TV.

Thankfully I stayed with my far more Liberal father on the weekends, so I was a regular fan – even purchasing the bucket of water song on 7 inch vinyl.

When I was working in the entertainment industry, I met John Gorman and he was lovely. I only wish I had the opportunity to speak to him about his days on the show.

Saturday Swap Shop was for squares and my sister, John Craven held that show together.

Anyway, enjoy the madness my surrogate TV dad Chris Tarrant


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