CBD – What’s In it For Me?

To assist in adapting to living within linear time and the restrictions of living as a corporeal being, I have spent much of my forty odd years ingesting/smoking/inhaling a variety of substances. These have included, but not limited to, Lighter fluid, 80’s Deodorants (Body Mist 2 – was my personal fav), banana peels, cannabis, opium, Nutmeg ,Salvia, MDMA, Lots of Amphetamines, codine and other miscellaneous over the counter products.

The latest addition to the list is CBD flowers and Hash, whilst not at the same levels of my youth – I am finding it a happy medium between oblivion and a slight haze and distancing from the banality of the ‘real’ world. I would have once upon a time considered myself a bit of an gourmet when comes to the consumption of mood managing substances, upon entering the world of CBD it was like starting all over again.

What is CBD? And can I get stoned off it? Is probably the first question that springs to mind and the answer is CBD (Cannabidiol) is a Phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified Cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.  (Wikipedia – yeah I am still a lazy researcher – screw you.)

And no it will not get you stoned, however a nice cup of CBD tea and a few chuggs on a waterpipe filled with Gorilla Grips and maybe a cheeky bit of Squidgy black and we are talking super chilled and an uplift of mood. It is the THC which is the psycoactive compund in ‘street cannabis’ which gives the consumer the ‘narcotic’ effect.

Just as with all plants there are many many different strains, with differing effects, some are very good for helping manage pain, whereas others are very good for helping manage mental health conditions, i.e. depression/anxiety. It is the latter which has been my focus so the next section will give my top three CBD flowers.

Gorrilla Grips – 24% CBD < 0.2 THC

Candy Kush – 28% CBD < 0.2 THC

Lemon Haze – 26 CBD <0.2 THC

I am lucky to have a wonderful CBD Dispensary in my neighbourhood, https://www.seven7senses.co.uk/ It is run by a lovely couple whose knowledge in this area has been instrumental in my own personal CBD journey. Their knowledge and experience has helped me to choose the right products and have even converted Mrs OT Strange to sample some and now she is smoking all my stash!

But who cares as I can get 3 grams for £30, cheaper than ‘Street’ and far more reliable than dodgy characters outside of the Circle K.

They even take orders via whatsapp – now there is service!


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