Actor, Tailor, Soldier and Spy

As we continue to expand our presence here in the corporeal realm, OT Strange have now established an outpost amongst the minion memes and the ‘don’t copy and paste this – I think I know who’ll do this’ messages of the Facebooks.

In addition we have finally staked our claim of OT Strange upon the Googleverse and are now verified, as to actually existing, something of a surprise to myself and the wife.

Seeing how well received the last blog was (a whole 10 readers – thank you by the way), I thought I might continue with the DS9 theme. This time focusing on some of my favourite bad guys and girls.

Following my outrageous, yet entirely founded in peer reviewed fact, that Captain Benjamin Sisco is the greatest captain to ever grace the uniform. I also elected to spell Star Trek as StarTrek – thanks to an eagle eyed Redditor I shall not seek to make the same mistake again.

I would argue that the depth and breadth of baddies in DS9 far exceeds any other Star Trek show, or even any other Sci-Fi show. Few series manage to create such a variety of menaces AND allow them to develop a suitably satisfying story arc.

From Gul Dukat, played by the deeply menacing Marc Alaimo, from his meteoric rise to lead the dominion to him losing his sanity and soul to the par wraiths. Louise Fletcher played the magnificently patronising and slap worthy Kai Winn, another character who had a terrific story and development arc.

Yet there is one actor who stands above them all, Jeffery Combs. Jefffery Combs is a familiar face and voice across both television and more recently video games and animations.

It was only recently that I discovered that he not only played Penk (Voyager), Tiron (DS9), Krem (Enterprise and Weyoun (DS9) but also Brunt the dodgy Ferengi cousin in DS9. So versatile and talented an actor is he that quite often you barely notice that he is even there. Then he will give away a tell tale glimmer in his eye or a change in tone of his voice and there he is, as clear as day.

Question is, across the vast pallet of baddies in Deep Space Nine, who would I choose to be?

It is a tough question, however it always comes back to Gul Dukat – who else gets to be a tyrant in sheeps clothing and destroy that jumped up emissary jerk?


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