The Path of the Prophets

Having spent the last few weeks completing my set of internal probes available on the beloved NHS. I have found myself returning to my favourite Startrek incarnation, Deep Space Nine. (DS9)

Startrek itself, like most popular Sci-fi, I am somewhat lukewarm to, however DS9 I would happily watch on an endless loop, forsaking of any other show or nutritional sustenance.

For many, DS9 is too spiritual or ‘not Startrek enough’, but these are at least two of the reasons it is my favourite show. I do not believe that the show gets the credit deserved for such a forward thinking show. What other show was handling gender identity in the 90’s and it still be better viewing than anything cooked up today. Captain Sisco is my favourite Startrek captain OF ALL TIME.

There I said it.

The strongest, most interesting and sensitive Captain in the Startrek universe leading a cast of almost zero irritating characters – Apart from Dr Bashir who is genetically enhanced to irritate. (But doesn’t like to mention it)

Another element I enjoy is the Bajorans and their Prophets, brilliantly woven into a gripping, slow release narrative of discovery, loss and redemption.

Something I have found myself pondering, if there is a path laid out by ‘the prophets’, am I walking it? The above clip is from an encounter between Captain Sisco and the prophets, discussing ‘the game’, or carporeal existence itself. The key theme for me, is that carporeal life is ‘adversarial’. Where I grew up, you were either the bully, or the bullied and realise that I carry this approach with me as an adultish person.

Whilst it is comforting knowing that folk are intimidated by you as they tend to leave you alone, it is exhausting and more often than not innocents can get caught up in the weaponised words from my mouth.

This is probably more common than we realise, so with this in mind I shall aim to be less combative, less adversarial.

If you don’t believe me, I’ll block your ass.

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