As a youngling, I would enjoy reading Douglas Adams, Hitchikers guide to the galaxy. One part that springs to mind this week, was the moment where Authur Dent is attempting to learn to fly.

“Simply fall over and miss”

Monday evening had a fair old crack at the above advice and I can tell you that there appear to be a few missing steps. Somewhere between the falling and missing I suspect.

In other news I was ambushed by a pack of rabid sales persons in a mobile phone shop and was left only with an upgraded phone and a tablet of some description. A tablet, which despite my protests of justification to Mrsoutatownstrange, I fucking hate. Shitty flatscreen keyboard, loading and authenticating every sodding screen, stupid ill placed home key etc…

Whilst I shall be forced to use the stupid thing, because I said that I would, I shall write even less interesting posts by way of silent and illfounded protest. Like a silent bald Colin Kapernick


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