Youtube, You Schmooobe!

As a leaf through the sacred texts of yore, I am reminded of the humble beginnings of the YouTubes reminiscent.gif

In fact the more I think about it the humble beginnings of pretty much everything Internet flavoured.

Back in my day you could set a Web cam up in a Japanese suicide Wood and nobody would bat an eyelid – even if it was a Christmas Special in Uzbekistan.

My Son has a YouTube channel [Shameless Plug Klaxon]

What has been interesting in helping produce his content is how much things have changed, even in just a short year. DPK has been uploading a variety of videos, from getting lost in Minecraft, to training for the raid on Area 51.

Recently when uploading content the user reminded to indicate whether the content is Children friendly. This has been some time coming as YouTube moves from a content platform, to an entertainment provider. This is where I begin to sound like an old man shouting at the moon. But, it is becoming more difficult to find good relevant content, that is not boosted by a corporate marketing budget.

Things evolve and change and when Google acquired YouTube it was not to provide a service to users. But to sell content to an audience, an audience that is increasingly no longer directly involved in the content of the platform.

MTV used to show music videos by the way. #justsayin


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