A Winter Garden Quandary

Growing up in a Pub had a fair few downsides, having to test new flavour Crisps, (The ill-fated Hedgehog flavour was probably only available in our pub.) Helping my Dad re-stock the bar and Juke-box, with the later being an excellent excuse to acquire free (if a little scratched) vinyl.

The pub was just up the road from the nearby ‘Winter Gardens’, which was open all year and had no garden to speak of, but it did wear a garland of fading 70’s and 80’s stars, most of all would drink in our pub. One such character was Kenny Lynch, who as a kid I knew from his various appearances and that guy who sings in our pub.

Another such character was Windsor Davies was possibly the only person I saw make my father laugh – which was good going considering My father was never a fan of the Welsh (Especially my Nan).

Whilst this is probably of very little interest to anyone, seeing in the news that Kenny had died reminded me of the childhood I almost remember – Although Noel Edmonds still refuses to admit he is my real dad.


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