“Say something sensible…”

As writing prompts go, there are most certainly better ones. Equally there are most definitely blog post openings that have gone smoother than this – however, I shall press on.

Turns out I set up a Word Press for the first Dissenters book and did nothing with it, other than upload some random hand drawn images. Oh and of course come up with the very snappy title of ‘thekapplecorporation’.

Well done past me, you are an idiot.

Future me is likely to cast similar shade on present me, as I should be editing the third Dissenters book, but instead I am fiddling about here. Therefore with the view of satisfying both present me and future me, (past me we have already decided is an idiot), I shall make this brief.

The Dissenters Book Three – Restoration of The Real (Release date 2020)

Hoping to start using this site a little more and looking to share some great content from some very talented folk who I almost know from the Internet.


Internet personality who writes sometimes